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Our live room is 32' x 20' and our control room is 20' x 12'.

We can accomodate a full band, choir or orchestra.


We have a full drum kit, piano and various amps / mics etc.

Studio time is €35 per hour. Special day rates & package deals.

Discount for students & under 18s.


Package Deals:

1 Track Single including full backing music + 20 CDs €280.

4 Track EP including full backing music + 50 CDs €1000.

12 Track Album including full backing music + 100 CDs €3000.

16 Track Album including full backing music + 250 CDs €4000.



Dermot Moriarty & Margo O'Donnell - Memories Precious Memories

Paddy O'Brien - For Baby (For Bobby)

Pam Jackson - They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore

Noel Hartnett - High Cotton

Shannon Buston - Coming Back to Connemara

Der Hurley - The Ways of a Woman in Love

Pat Craven - Over The Years

Seamus Healy - We Should Be Together