Mastering is the vital last step before your single or album is released, the last chance to make it sound as good as it possibly can. With tighter recording budgets and more and more mixing being done in less than ideal surroundings, professional mastering is more crucial now than ever. With the latest digital equipment plus our incredibly revealing monitoring system, we have the tools and the experience to give it the finishing touch it deserves. Mastering also balances the overall level of each piece to keep consistency between tracks and match the levels of commercial CDs. We strive to give you the best results possible at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Files can be sent by Dropbox, Google Drive, or file transfer and usually will be processed and finalized within two working days. First, we will listen to your tracks and advise if re-mixing should be carried out. This service is pre-paid only and all tracks must be paid for before we begin. Mastered tracks will be returned to you by file transfer.

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Individual Tracks €20

Full Album €200